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Hello I'm ChromeVoid42, but the name shows up as Azure42 for you (wanted to change it because it makes me appear that i like the [[Azure|character]]), sorry my user page isn't that spectacular yet but construction is in progress :)
I started using Bulbapedia so i could be in the know about stuff like the anime and {{game| Black and White|s}}, when i got my account i tried to get myself involved in quite a few things and get the hang of editing, nowadays i'm still learning some stuff but i get most of it, i hope to do more during my time in bulbapedia, anything else you wanna know will probably turn up as a usertag or a heading when the page is finished :)
'''I need your help'''
currently construction has been slow, mainly i wanna learn some stuff that'll help construction be a lot quicker, so if you could explain some things to me i'd most appreciate it
Firstly, i wanna make a redirect from my page (in the end my page may be quite opinionated on certain areas such as shipping, meaning i wanna make a 'clean' version too, making a redirect like the ones on the shipping pages to link to the two pages is just a bit of fun)
Second, how do people get their own sandboxes? and how do they get usertag codes so short?
that's all i could think of right now, if you think you can help, go on my [[User Talk:Azure42|talk]] page
Well, i hope you enjoyed my in-construction page, nice talking to you, smell ya later ;)
'''Currently iI'm doingalso somestill designs right nowdesigning, sobut constructioni is stillget on hold,as formuch nowas i anywaycan'''
Warning, the tag below will happen...when i get round to it (i gotta find/make them too)