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On its way from [[Eterna City]] to [[Celestic Town]], a police plane carrying the [[{{DL|Type-enhancing item|Adamant Orb]]}} is attacked by hoard of {{p|Golbat}} as well as a {{TP|Saturn|Toxicroak}}. The attack is led by [[Saturn]] of [[Team Galactic]] who notes that everything is going perfectly to plan...
At the Celestic Town [[Pokémon Center]], {{an|Brock}} and {{an|Dawn}} are packing to head out while {{Ash}} is perfecting a technique to counter [[Fantina]]'s {{m|Hypnosis}} based on {{TP|Dawn|Ambipom}}'s contest battle the [[DP095|the previous day]]. However, the {{pkmn|training}} is put on hold when news soon breaks that the Adamant Orb was successfully stolen by [[Team Galactic]], and the gang learns that the Adamant Orb was on its way to the [[Celestic Town Historical Research Center]], which is currently studying the Adamant Orb's counterpart, the [[Lustrous Orb]]. They also learn that [[Cynthia]] is coming to Celestic Town, and decide to head to the Research Center to see her. Just then [[Nurse Joy]] arrives and Brock begins to hit on her; however, after a few seconds Brock gets the feeling that something is wrong... and realizes that {{TP|Brock|Croagunk}} didn't stop his misguided romantic attempts, instead choosing to stare out the window, a fact which gives Brock slight alarm.
Outside the Pokémon Center, [[Jessie]], [[James]] and {{MTR}} plot to steal the {{DL|Type-enhancing item|Lustrous Orb}} before Team Galactic can.
At the Research Center, {{ashfr|the gang}} meets up with Cynthia, who introduces them to her grandmother, [[Professor Carolina]], head of the Celestic Town Historical Research Center. On a nearby rooftop, [[Saturn]] recognizes Ash and co. as the group that [[DP069|interfered]] with their plan to steal the meteorites from [[Veilstone City]], and warns [[Mars]] about them. [[Cyrus]] approaches the Research Center using his cover as a world-famous mogul while Mars and Saturn prepare their attack. As Croagunk once again stares off into space instead of stopping Brock from hitting on Cynthia, Ash and Dawn also take note of Croagunk's strange behavior. Team Rocket disguise themselves as police officers in order to gain entry into the Research Center.
==Major events==
* [[Team Galactic]] steals the [[{{DL|Type-enhancing item|Adamant Orb]]}}.
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr|his friends}} meet [[Cynthia]] again, alongside [[Professor Carolina|her grandmother]].
* Ash and his friends meet [[Cyrus]].
* Ash and {{an|Dawn}} learn that the mysterious Pokémon they saw at [[Lake Verity]] and [[Lake Valor]] were {{p|Mesprit}} and {{p|Azelf}}.
* {{si|Rhonda}} (on [[television]])
* [[Professor Carolina]]
* [[Team Galactic]] [[{{tc|Galactic Grunt|Grunts]]}}
** (Seiyū: 古島清孝 ''[[Kiyotaka Furushima]]'')
* Policemen (Seiyū: 小西克幸 ''[[Konishi Katsuyuki]]'')
* As of this episode, ''[[Together|Together2008]]'' is replaced by ''[[High Touch!]]'' as the opening theme.
* This episode marks exactly 60 episodes since [[Team Galactic]]'s first anime appearance. In it, however, they hired [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}} to nab the [[{{DL|Type-enhancing item|Adamant Orb]]}} from [[Eterna City]], while this time around the group itself nabbed both it ''and'' the [[{{DL|Type-enhancing item|Lustrous Orb]]}} from [[Celestic Town]], which lies on the opposite side of [[Mt. Coronet]] and {{rt|211|Sinnoh}} from Eterna.
* It is revealed in this episode that [[Brock's Croagunk]] is able to sense when [[Saturn's Toxicroak]] is nearby, possibly an allusion to its {{a|Anticipation}} ability.
* During the title card sequence, the former title card music from the Battle Frontier portion of the {{series|Advanced Generation}} is played. The same applies to ''[[DP097|Double Team Turnover!]]''.
* The dub title for this episode is a reference to the phrase "losing its luster".
* Prior to [[DP097|the next episode]]'s actual dub title being revealed, [ Cartoon Network] had listed this episode's dub title with a "(Part 1)" attached, causing some confusion over the next episode's dub title.
[[Image:DP096_Error.gif|thumb|right|Slow motion of the error]]
[[File:DP096 Error.gif|thumb|right|Slow motion of the error]]
* During the episode in a one-second frame, an animation error takes place where [[Officer Jenny]] disappears as {{Ash}} moves in front of her.
* Croagunk's Japanese voice can be heard in one scene.
===In other languages===
|zh_cmn='''{{tt|銀河隊來襲!!-前篇-|Team Galactic Attacks!! -Part 1-}}'''
|cs='''{{tt|Třpytivá koule v ohrožení!|Lustrous Orb at Risk}}'''
|de='''{{tt|Viel Aufregung um den Weiß-Orb!|Much excitement about the Adamant Orb!}}'''
|nl='''{{tt|Glans Verliezen!|Losing It's Gloss!}}'''
|fi='''{{tt|Lustrous-kuulan ryöstö!|Robbery of the Lustrous Orb!}}'''
|fr_eu='''{{tt|L'Orbe Perlé!|The Lustrous Orb!}}'''
|it='''{{tt|Lo splendore della Splendisfera!|The brightness of the Lustrous Orb!}}'''
|ko='''{{tt|갤럭시단! 다시 나타나다! (제1부)|Team Galactic! Appear again! (Part 1)}}'''
|pl='''{{tt|Zespół G znowu uderza|Team Galactic strikes again}}'''
|pt_br='''{{tt|Perdendo o Brilho!|Losing Shine!}}'''
|pt_eu='''{{tt|Perdendo o Brilho!|Losing the Shine!}}'''
|es_la='''{{tt|¡Perdiendo Su Brillo!|Losing Its Brightness!}}'''
|es_eu='''{{tt|¡Perdiendo el Lustre!|Losing the Lustrous!}}'''