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List of Key Items in Generation II

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|effect=Exchange at the [[Pokémon Communication Center]] for an {{pkmn|egg}}.
|descc=May be used at the Goldenrod [[Pokémon Communication Center]].
|locc=[[Pokémon DaycareDay Care]] on {{rt|34|Johto}}{{tt|*|Japanese games only}}
|effect=Return to the {{OBP|Copycat|character}} for a Pass for the [[Magnet Train]].
|descgsc=The [[{{pkmn|doll|Poké Doll]]}} lost by the {{OBP|Copycat|character}}.
|locgsc=Received from the a member of the [[Pokémon Fan Club]] in [[Vermilion City]] after hearing about {{OBP|Copycat|character}}'s missing doll.
|effect=Allows the player to encounter a {{p|Ho-Oh}} in the [[Bell Tower|Tin Tower]].
|descgsc=A mystical feather of rainbow colors.
|locgsc=Gift from the manager after saving [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]{{sup|G}}<br>Received from an old man near the entrance to {{rt|3|Kanto}} in [[Pewter City]].{{sup|S}}<br>Received from the [[{{tc|sage]]}}s guarding the [[Bell Tower|Tin Tower]] after capturing all three [[Legendary beasts]].{{sup|C}}