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Water (type)

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* Each possible type combination that is doubly weak to Water ({{2t|Rock|Ground}}, {{2t|Fire|Ground}}, and {{2t|Fire|Rock}}) has been used so far on at least one Pokémon. The same is true for {{t|Grass}}, {{t|Flying}} and {{t|Psychic}}.
* Water has been paired with all types except for {{t|Fire}}. This means it has been paired with the highest number of types, tied with the {{type2|Flying}}.
* Water-type moves are boosted by the most [[held item]]s: [[Sea Incense]], [[Wave Incense]], [[Splash Plate]], [[Mystic Water]], and [[Water Gem]].
* Water-type has the most [[Gym Leaders]] of tis type with a total of 5 (4 if [[Juan]] or [[Wallace]] is excluded)
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