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[[Image:Kay and Raichu.png|right|thumb|235px|Kay and her Raichu]]
'''Kay''' (Japanese: '''ケイ''' ''Kay'') is a [[character of the day]] in the episode ''[[EP090|Stage Fight!]]''. Her Japanese voice actress is ''[[Yumi Kakazu]]'' and her English voice actress is [[Jayne Grand]].
Kay was a member of the Pokémon Showboat, a group of performers who provide voices of [[Pokémon]] while the Pokémon act in a show. While all of the other actors in the show got along with their Pokémon, Kay didn't get along with her {{p|Raichu}}.
Raichu's known moves are {{m|ThunderShock}} and {{m|Mega Punch}}}}
==Voice actors==
{{vatable|color={{electric color}}|bordercolor={{electric color light}}
|ja=かかずゆみ ''[[Yumi Kakazu]]''
|en=[[Jayne Grand]]
|es_eu=Carmen Cervantes}}
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