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ever'''Game since its first releaseInfo'''
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Just need some [[Poke Transfer|transferring]] and trading to be done
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TemplatesSimple i'vestuff, made:my first one'sgame forsaw Smugleafme fanstrain my only {{p|Blastoise|Level 100}} and stroll through the elite, secondafter onethat isi tried to be a Dragonballmore referencediverse (buttrainer throughout. On White i've prefercaught itall the legendaries legitimately possible (except {{p|Landorus}} as "i haveneed the AURAAAA!!!"a :P{{p|Tornadus}}) hopeand youjust likeneed to do some [[Poke Transfer|transferring]] and trading. As a diverse trainer, them :)
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I usually prefer to battle with a type advantage (using Bulbapedia as a source for important foes) and i tend to keep hold of pokemon i've earlier in the game or have been given to me as a gift/egg, i also like to use pokemon with high-diversity movepools
My main purpose of the game is
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But also
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'''Templates I've made'''
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Oh andfirst one's a moreSmugleaf thing,reference
second one is a Dragonball reference (but i prefer it as "i have the AURAAAA!!!" :P)
two others are the 'first pokemon game' and the 'wants to be the very best' ones
feel free to use them (but please ask so i can keep tabs) :)
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mwhahaha ;)