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Sinnoh Route 202

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Route 202 connects [[Jubilife City]] in the north and [[Sandgem Town]] in the south.
From the southern end of the route, the path goes north for a short while, before sharply turning to the west, where the player enters the first patch of grass on the route. It carries on going west, until, shortly afterwards, there is another patch of grass. Almost immediately, the route turns to the north. Soon, it turns to the east, where [[{{tc|Youngster]]}} Tristan is found. Afterwards, the path splits, but the player can't proceed far to the north, as it is blocked by a ledge.
Continuing onwards, the path turns to the south before shortly resuming its way to the east, where [[{{tc|Lass]]}} Natalie stands. Immediately, there is another large patch of grass, and the path, again, turns to the north. After continuing for a short while, the path turns to the west, where [[Youngster]] Logan is. Afterwards, there is a fork in the road, where the player can either go to [[Jubilife City]] in the north, or towards another small patch of grass to the west.
{{itlistbod|Poké Ball|(×5) Obtained from {{ga|Dawn}}/{{ga|Lucas}} after a demonstration on catching Pokémon|DPPt}}
{{itlistbod|Potion|Patch of grass just west of northern terminus|DPPt}}
{{itlistbod|Parlyz Heal|Open wall west of stairs into Jubilife City|DP|display={{DL|Status ailment healing item|Parlyz Heal}}}}
==[[List of Trainer tips|Trainer Tips]]==
{{sign|DPtip|title|Trainer Tips!}}