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Trainer card (TCG)

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[[Image:PokéBallMajesticDawn85ProfessorJuniperBlackWhite101.jpg|thumb|right|A standardSupporter card, a subclass of Trainer cardcards, as of the DPtBW era of the TCG.]]
A '''Trainer card''' is one of three types of card found in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]], alongside {{TCG|Pokémon}} and {{TCG|Energy card}}s. While Pokémon cards do the direct attacking of an opponent's cards and Energy cards power their attacks, Trainers provide a more supportive role, allowing a player to search through their deck, draw cards, or other special effects. During a player's turn, he or she may play a Trainer card from his or her hand, follow its instructions, and then discard it.