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[[Image:PokéBallMajesticDawn85.jpg|thumb|right|A standard Trainer card as of the DPt era of the TCG.]]
A '''Trainer card''' is one of three types of card found in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]], alongside {{TCG|Pokémon}} and {{TCG|Energy card}}s. While Pokémon cards do the direct attacking of an opponent's cards and Energy cards power their attacks, Trainers provide a more supportive role, allowing a player to search through their deck, draw cards, or other special effects. During a player's turn, he or she may play a Trainer card from his or her hand, follow its instructions, and then discard it.
Trainer cards can be divided into several different types.
The baseoriginal type of Trainer, thesea cardsplayer usuallycan involveuse searchingas ofmany eitherItem thecards {{TCG|deck}}as ordesired {{TCG|discardduring pile}}his (noor cardher yetturn. allowsItem playerscards tohave accessa thewide {{TCG|Lostrange Zone}})of foreffects aand cardare touseful putat intoany easierpoint access forin the playergame. Most reprinted Trainer cards fall into this class, with staples likebefore {{TCG ID|Jungle|PokéBlack Ball|64}}& and {{TCG ID|Fossil|Energy Search|59White}} beingthat usedare sincenot theSupporters earlyor daysStadiums ofhave thebeen game,redefined andas laterItem cards like {{TCG ID|EX Sandstorm|Rare Candy|88}} being based on cards released early on in effect.
{{main|Stadium card (TCG)}}
Introduced in the {{TCG|Gym Heroes}} expansion, andStadium formerlycards arepresent subclassthe field of Trainerplay. When a player uses a Stadium card, Stadiumit cardsremains representon the field of play,indefinitely and may alterhave thingsan slightlyeffect on both sides of the fieldplayers. A Stadium card can usually only be removed from play when another Stadium card with a different name comes into play. Starting in the {{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} expansion, Stadium cards became their own class of card, though they are still often grouped with Trainers by players, and no distinction is made from Trainer cards when they are compiled into an English set list. Starting in {{TCG|Black & White}}, however, Stadium cards once again became a subclass of Trainer cards.
{{main|Supporter card (TCG)}}
Like Stadium cards, Supporter cards were formerly a subclass of Trainer cards until Diamond & Pearl. Following their introduction in the {{TCG|Expedition Base Set}}, they were widely used,and despiteat the rulingrelease thatof onlyBlack one& couldWhite bethey usedonce peragain turn.became Thisa ruling was,subclass of course,Trainer likelycards. toSupporter preventcards playersoften fromhelp gainingthe too muchplayer draw powercards, and as {{TCGsuch, ID|Basea Set|Bill|91}}player andmay {{TCGonly ID|Baseuse Set|Professorone Oak|88}}per of the {{TCG|Base Set}} allowedturn.
===Rocket's Secret Machine===
===Pokémon Tool===
In another similarity to the games' [[held item]]s, which were introduced in [[Generation II]], the Pokémon Tools released since the {{TCG|Neo Genesis}} expansion are attached to a Pokémon. A Pokémon may only have one Pokémon Tool attached to it, and onceit theirmay effectnot isbe used,removed unless arespecifically discardedinstructed.
===Goldenrod Game Corner===