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Water Path

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==Route description==
A house on the north end of the route allows players to measure the horn of a {{p|Heracross}}, which can be found nearby in the [[Pattern Bush]]. Breaking the record will gain players a special Poké Ball, including a [[{{DL|Poké Ball#Generation III Poké Balls|Nest Ball]]}} or a [[{{DL|Poké Ball#Generation III Poké Balls|Luxury Ball]]}}.
{{itlistbod|Dragon Scale|Located on a small sliver of land at the end|FRLG|display={{DL|Evolution-inducing held item|Dragon Scale}}}}
{{itlistbod|Pinap Berry|''Hidden'', near the south under a semi-grassy square|FRLG}}
{{itlistbod|Aspear Berry|''Hidden'',southern most area under a semi-grassy square|FRLG}}