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:::Where should these go: <nowiki>([[de:Geheimticket]], [[fr:Ticketmystik]], [[ja:しんぴのチケット]])</nowiki> and <nowiki>([[de:Auroraticket]], [[fr:Ticketaurora], [[ja:オーロラチケット]])</nowiki>? I've had them saved on my desktop since I redirected their articles here :s [[User:Takharii|<span style="color:#FFD733;">'''たか'''</span>]][[User talk:Takharii|<span style="color:#DAA520;">'''はり'''</span>]][[Special:Contributions/Takharii|<span style="color:#B69E00;">'''い'''</span>]] 09:09, 27 December 2010 (UTC)
::::Nowhere. There are plenty of instances where one EP member has a page more specific than another. Usually, you then go to that more specific EP member and make a section link to the less specific one. If you can find direct equivalents of this page, add them instead. --[[User:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#A70000">'''Snorlax'''</span>]][[User talk:SnorlaxMonster|<span style="color:#0000A7">'''Monster'''</span>]] 10:22, 27 December 2010 (UTC)
Um... the Enigma Stone section says that you catch latias in HG and latios in GH. Is this true?