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|epname=The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
|desc={{p|Torterra}} is Jun's starter Pokémon who was received when it was a {{p|Turtwig}}. Turtwig was first used, along with Hareta's Piplup, to deal with some problems caused by Team Galactic. It evolved into a {{p|Grotle}} sometime after that. Grotle then evolved into Torterra during the battle with Koya and his Absol. Moves are {{m|Razor Leaf}}.
Torterra's only known move is {{m|Razor Leaf}}.}}
|img=Jun Staraptor.jpg‎ DPA.png
|epname=The Mystery Boy, Jun!!
|desc={{p|Staraptor}} debuted as a {{p|Staravia}} in the [[DPA03|third chapter. Moves are {{m|Whirlwind}} and {{m|Brave Bird}}]].
Staraptor's known moves are {{m|Whirlwind}} and {{m|Brave Bird}}.}}
|epname=(Violent) Earthquake! Cyrus's Consuming Ambition
|desc={{p|Dragonite}} is Jun's mode of transportation. He first used it to try to save Hareta and Mitsumi from the exploding building. On the way to Spear Pillar, Jun's Dragonite gets knocked out by the space-time portal. Later on in the Pokémon League, it was one of the Pokémon that fell victim to Koya's Absol. Moves are {{m|Hyper Beam}} and {{m|Defog}}.
Dragonite's known moves are {{m|Hyper Beam}} and {{m|Defog}}.}}
|epname=A Surprise Visit from Hareta's Father!
|desc={{p|Mime Jr.}} is standing next to Jun after the bomb explodes in tournament. Moves are {{m|Light Screen}}.}}
Mime Jr.'s only known move is {{m|Light Screen}}.}}
|epname=Look for Giratina!
|desc=Nothing much is known about Jun's Golbat as it was recently seen within the Neo Team Galactic situation.
None of Golbat's moves are known.}}