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By tweaking in a specific manner in an area that has buildings that the player can enter, as well as forcing the game to load the section in such a way that the player can walk into the dark area, buildings can be entered through their currently invisible and not properly loaded walls. By reloading the map while the player is inside of the building, behind the warp to the actual inside of the building, and walking south, the player can end up on the inside of the building, but in the [[void]] area around the normally accessible portion, somewhat like the [[Surf glitch]]. Like the Surf glitch, a way can be found through the interconnecting area of this void to [[Newmoon Island]] and the [[Flower Paradise]], where {{p|Darkrai}} and {{p|Shaymin}} reside. {{p|Arceus}} is yet to be found with this glitch, due to the lack of a flag needed by the obtaining of the [[Azure Flute]]. Tweaking has also been used to explore a beta {{DL|Jubilife City|Jubilife Condominiums}} third and fourth floor, in which the player can obtain a [[Focus Band]].
Although graphics of {{3v|HeartGold|SoulSilver|Platinum}} are loaded in a different manner to {{2v2|Diamond|Pearl}}, the areas are loaded the same, which means tweaking can still occur, but it is harder to do so.