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Mew (Pokémon)

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Trivia: Grammar; singular/plural issue.
** ミュウ was submitted on June 17, 1997, application number 平9-128909.
* Mew was the only Pokémon of the first 151 to be left out of the original [[Pokérap]].
* Mew was a little known secret when [[Pokémon Red and Green]] were first released in Japan. Even Nintendo werewas not initially aware that Satoshi Tajiri had programmed it into the game.
* The user-designed [[wp:Neopet|Neopet]] species known as the '''Shoyru''' was based on Mew with draconic aspects added.
* Lost scientific reports found in the burned mansion of Cinnabar Island explains that Mew '''gave birth'''. The scientists named the newborn "Mewtwo". This breaks up the basic reproduction method of Pokémon; Eggs. However, Legendary Pokémon cannot reproduce, namely in-game Legendary Pokémon, for they are genderless. This may explain why Mew gave birth to Mewtwo: Possibly Mew was fertilized ''in vitro'', and thus it could gave birth a fully-developed Pokémon, since it cannot produce Eggs.