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Electabuzz (Pokémon)

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* There are two ways to get an Electabuzz in Pokémon XD. One way is to receive a Togepi from Hordel, purify it, trade it for his Elekid, and evolve it. The second way to get one is to snag the Shadow Electabuzz that belongs to Cipher Admin Ardos.
** Electabuzz is the only Pokémon that the player character in XD can legitimately obtain that are not caught in the wild via Poké Spots.
** Both know Cross Chop, Ardos's remembers it once it gets fully purified.
* Electabuzz is one of five Pokémon that initially did not evolve into or from another Pokémon, but now is part of a three-stage evolutionary line (the other four being {{p|Chansey}}, {{p|Magmar}}, {{p|Porygon}}, and {{p|Roselia}}).
* Electabuzz and {{p|Elekid}} share the same [[species]] name with {{p|Zapdos}}. They are all known as Electric Pokémon.
*{{p|Magmar}} and Electabuzz seem to be counterparts; both evolve in a very similar way (first at level 30, then after being traded holding an "-izer" item), and both are typically exclusive to one version of a pair of games. They also learn all their moves at the same levels, such as Fire Punch and ThunderPunch at Level 28. They even have the same special moves when purified from Pokémon XD: {{m|Follow Me}} and {{m|Cross Chop}}.Their pre-evolutions and evolutions were released in the same generation (Generation II and IV). Additionally, their Japanese names are essentially phonetic reversals of each other.
* Electabuzz is the only member of its family not to have some physical relation to an {{wp|AC power plugs and sockets|AC power unit}}. Elekid's head is shaped like a power plug while Electivire's back patterns look like a power socket.
* The number of stripes on Electabuzz's tail changes between generations.
*When KO'd in [[Pokémon Battle Revolution]], Electabuzz makes the motion of hanging itself before being recalled to its Poké Ball.
* In [[Pokémon Stadium]], Electabuzz has six fingers on each hand.<ref>[ YouTube - Pokémon Stadium- Gym Trainer Battle] (retrieved January 14, 2011)</ref>