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Appendix:Gold and Silver walkthrough/Section 11

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{{rt|43|Johto}} stretches between Mahogany Town and Lake of Rage. <br>
There are two paths to reach the lake. Traveling through the guardhouse[[gate]] will cost Trainers {{pdollar}}1000, since a pair of [[Team Rocket|Rocket grunts]] jumps you as soon as you step inside. The grassy trail alongside the pond is just as long, but doesn't require payment to pass. Whichever way you choose, continue north to the Lake of Rage. <br><br>
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{{itlistbod|none|Across the small lake, in the {{m|Cut}}-accessable area|GSC|display=[[Berry|Bitter Berry]]}}
{{itlistbod|TM Poison|Given by the guard in the toll buildinggate after defeating Team Rocket|GSC|display={{TM|36|Sludge Bomb}}}}
{{itlistbod|Max Ether|West of the guardhousegate|GSC}}