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Rage Candy Bar

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In Black and White
===In Black and White===
The RageCandyBar makes its return as a regular usable item, first obtainable in the house in the southeast corner of [[Icirrus City]] during the winter, where the former {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}'s wife gives it as a gift saying that RageCandyBars hold the family together. Another can be obtained after defeating the [[Elite Four]]. It is given by [[Professor Juniper]] when the player returns to the [[Relic Castle]]. Others can be obtained by beating all the trainers on the [[Royal Unova]] on a {{DL|Days of the week|Saturday}}. With its item status returned, the RageCandyBar is used on one of the five Pokémon {{p|Darmanitan}} "statues" outside the [[Relic Castle]]. Consumed on use, each Darmanitan will be at level 35 with the ability {{a|Zen Mode}}. If used as a regular item, the RageCandyBar acts like a [[Potion]]: healing 20 {{stat|HP}}.
==Spelling differences between generations==