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Generation II

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**A two-stage, cat-like evolutionary line was not introduced
**The [[National Pokédex]] cannot be completed without another generation, as the Kanto starters, fossil Pokémon (save for {{p|Aerodactyl}}), and legendary Pokémon can only be obtained from a [[Generation I]] game.
**A [[Safari Zone]] or similar feature does not exist.
*In terms of release dates, Generation II is the shortest generation in Japan, with exactly three years between the release of Gold and Silver and Ruby and Sapphire. All other generations have had closer to four years between the release of their primary version pair and the primary pair of the next generation.
*Generation II leaves the least extra space for Pokémon in the {{pkmn|storage system}} if one of every species is caught. Only 280 Pokémon may be obtained at once; there are 251 different Pokémon species available in this generation.