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Pokémon Dream World

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=====Play with Wailord.=====
*Time limit: one minute, thirty seconds
Players must guide {{p|Wailord}} and its spout to make four Pokémon - {{p|Pikachu}}, {{p|Meowth}}, {{p|Piplup}}, and {{p|Buizel}} - launch into the air and hit balls that match the Pokémon to make the balls open. To win, players must open at least fifteen balls. When a ball opens, lamps to the right side of the screen light up, and when five light up, the score multiplier increases. The multiplier goes back to the base value when a Pokémon falls into the water. If the player reaches the end of the game with none of the Pokémon falling into the water, they receive a 10,000 point bonus.