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[[File:Young N.png|left|thumb|N as a child]]
[[File:NClose.png|256px|right|thumb|A close-up of N in [[N's Castle|his castle]] after the final battle]]
N is the only son of [[Ghetsis]], the head member of the [[Seven Sages]]. As he grew up, he was appointed as the king and leader of [[Team Plasma]]. He is an antagonist to the player, but yet is good natured and sees Pokémon as his friends. HeAt several points during the game he appears before the {{player}} at several points during the game to battle.
As a child, he was raised together with {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} and was isolated from [[human]]s. Ghetsis would only let N see Pokémon that had been hurt by humans.
=====At [[Mistralton City]]=====
''"They may say it is for understanding one another better, but what Trainers really use battles for is to compete... And they hurt each otherothers's Pokémon! Am I the only one who finds this terribly painful? Whatever... I'm going to talk to your Pokémon. I've been living with Pokémon since I was born, so it's easier for me to talk with them than with people. ...Because Pokémon never tell lies."''<!-- This quote is continued in the following paragraph, and so no closing quotation mark is needed. -->
''"Hey, <lead Pokémon>. Would you tell me what kind of Trainer <player> is?"''
''"…I've been waiting. In the future I envisioned, you obtained a stone. And, indeed, you have. That Light Stone{{sup|Bl}}/Dark Stone{{sup|W}}… {{p|Zekrom}}{{sup|Bl}}/{{p|Reshiram}}{{sup|W}} is responding to it. Stop. This is not a suitable for the legendary dragons! From the ground, rise up! The castle of Team Plasma! Surround the Pokémon League!"''
''"What has just happearedappeared is Team Plasma's castle. The king's words will resound fromefrom the heights to all below. You must come to the castle, as well. Everything will be decided there. Whether Pokémon will be liberated from people, or whether Pokémon and people will live together… We will see whose belief is stronger… And our result will change the world."''
=====At [[N's Castle]]=====