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Dark (type)

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* Officially, this type's Brazilian Portuguese translation is "Noturno" (nocturnal), but at times it is named as "Sombrio" or "Trevas" (darkness) as well. However, ''Sombrio'' means Shadow, another type.
* Because of {{m|Bite}}'s change to Dark from the {{type|Normal}} in [[Generation II]], there has been at least one Dark-type move introduced in each generation. Despite this, there is not a Dark-type Pokémon from each generation; Dark is the only type not assigned to a Pokémon introduced in Generation I. This is the opposite situation to the other type introduced in Generation II, {{t|Steel}}.
* There has yet to be a [[Pokémon Gym]] that specializes in the Dark type. Despite this, there have been three [[Elite Four]] members who specialize in Dark-type Pokémon.