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There is another type of ??????????. Its sprite is the same sprite for an unseen Pokémon on the Pokédex for [[RSE]]. It is obtained by incorrect/corrupted GameShark WPM codes. Its National Pokédex number is ?87.
This is a very dangerous glitch: it can cause many problems to one's game, such as no longer being able to see wild Pokémon. When encountered, the game will appear to freeze, but then the music for legendary Pokémon will play. It has no cry and is always female. It is also asleep when encountered, but when caught it is poisoned. The item it holds will be the first item the player used during battle. When caught, it will have abnormal stats that cause the game to freeze when its summary is viewed, but when taken to a Pokémon Center, its summary will be safe to look at. It can only level up with Rare Candies. Its first type is blank, and the second type is Steel, but it is only {{type2|Steel}}, and its ability is {{a|Overgrow}}.