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Cloning glitches

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Generation III
==Generation III==
Due to improvements of the games and hardware such as the capability of the [[Game Boy Advance]] [[link cable]] to send and receive data at the same time, the auto-canceling of [[trade]]s if something goes wrong, the lack of need to [[saving|save]] while changing [[Pokémon storage system|PC boxes]] and new data corruption protection, both methods exploited in the first two generations to clone [[Pokémon]] were essentially removed for the [[Generation III|third]]. While Pokémon cloning was completely absent on most games of this generation, the glitch returned in a different form in {{game|Emerald}}, where the Link-Battle mode of the {{ho|Battle Tower}} saved only the [[party]] and bag of the {{player}}, even if he or she chooses "no" when the game asks to; this was due to the game's need to save a massive amount of data and check connections. Like in the methods from the previous generation, if the save is interrupted at the right moment, up to fivesix Pokémon can be cloned at one time. However, unless you have a Pokémon that you are willing to lose, you can only clone five. It is also possible to clone numerous items at once.
Another glitch occurs when trading between any GBA game and Pokémon Colosseum and Pokémon XD that can be used to clone Pokémon. Unlike the handheld games of that generation, Colosseum and XD does not require the user to save the game after a trade is conducted. To enable the glitch, the player has to have Pokémon in the Game Boy game that he/she is willing to lose. After the trades have been completed, the GameCube will have to be shut down or reset without saving. The Pokémon traded to the Game Boy game will appear in the party of the GameCube game, while the same Pokémon will appear in the Game Boy party.