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[[File:Pokemon Change.png|thumb|right]]'''Pokémon Change''' (Japanese: '''ポケモンチェンジ''' ''Pokémon Change'') is the move used by {{ga|Red|Pokémon Trainer}} that makes him switch out his current Pokémon for another in his [[party]] in the order {{p|Squirtle}} → {{p|Ivysaur}} → {{p|Charizard}}.
[[File:Pokemon Change.png|thumb|right|The order in which Pokémon Change iswill hisrotate Down(Squirtle→Ivysaur→Charizard)]]'''Pokémon SpecialChange''' Move.(Japanese: They'''ポケモンチェンジ''' all''Pokémon shareChange'') theis same{{ga|Red|Pokémon damageTrainer}}'s meterdown sospecial theymove don'tin recover[[Super damageSmash whenBros. switchedBrawl]]. However,Unlike anotherother statspecial calledmoves Staminabeing comesexclusive into one Pokémon (for instance, {{m|Rock Smash}} only being available to play{{p|Charizard}}), Pokémon Change is universal between {{p|Squirtle}}, {{p|Ivysaur}}, and affects{{p|Charizard}} each(besides Pokémon's[[Final abilitySmash#Triple toFinish|Triple battleFinish]]).
When sent out, each Pokémon is intially granted 120 points of energy called stamina. One point of stamina is deducted for every second a Pokémon is in battle, thus allowing for a maximum of approximately 2 minutes of normal performance. Executing an attack also drains 1 stamina point. When a Pokémon's stamina reaches 30% (or 36 points), their stance will change to signal oncoming fatigue. Once stamina reaches 0, the Pokémon's attacks drop in effectiveness. The stamina counter will reset when KO'd.
Pokémon Change mimics [[Pokémon anime|anime]]/[[Pokémon manga|manga]]-style battling by switching out to the next available Pokémon to let the previously used one rest. This is reflected in that while not in battle, each Pokémon will regenerate 2 points of stamina per second until restored to 120.
While switching out, the user is temporarily immune to any on-screen attacks. Damage percentage is still carried over. Effects such as increased or decreased size held by the previous Pokémon will ''not'' be carried over during Pokémon Change ([[Final Smash]] wielding being one exception). Pokémon Change cannot be activated in midair.
Pokemon Change is disabled in [[The Subspace Emissary]] until the player obtains Ivysaur and Charizard, respectively.
Each Pokémon begins with 2 minutes of Stamina. Every attack performed by that Pokémon reduces Stamina by one additional second. Once the Pokémon has 0 Stamina, the Pokémon adopts a "tired" idle animation, and knockback and damage from its attacks are reduced (as if its Attack and Special Attack stats were reduced). When the Pokémon is recalled and no longer battling, it recovers 2 seconds of Stamina for each second of rest, fully recharging after just one minute.
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