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corecolor={{fighting color light}} |
bordercolor={{fire color dark}} |
name=Kendall |
jname= Kendall|
tmname= |
slogan=yes |
sloganline=Let's see which of our decks has the edge. |
caption=Art from the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game Online|PTCGO]] website |
age=no |
colors=yes |
eyes=Brown |
hair=Blue |
hometown=New York City |
region=USA |
|trainer=yes |
trainerclass=Trading Card Game Player |
==Official biography==
''"Kendall isn't just a skilled TCG player-she's also a successful Mathlete who loves statistics, manga, and electronic music. When she goes to tournaments, she can often be found playing Pokémon games on her Nintendo DS system between rounds."''
==In Gold League==
Kendall uses a {{TCG|Fire}} and {{TCG|Lightning}} deck in the Gold League.
===Kendall's Fire-Lightning deck===
==In Platinum League==
===Kendall's Darkness-Psychic deck===
==In Diamond League==
Kendall uses a [[Darkness_({{TCG)|Darkness]]}} and [[Lightning_({{TCG)|Lightning]]}} deck in the Diamond League.
===Kendall's Darkness-Lightning deck===
{{DoubleProjectTag|TCG|CharacterDex|the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] and on each character found in the [[Pokémon games]] respectively.}}
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