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Generation V
===Generation V===
The fifth generation introduced [[seasonseasons]]s, which could affect the occurrence of weather in certain cities and routes. For instance, in [[Driftveil City]] hail and snow are present only during the winter, while rain is common during the spring and autumn.
Also introduced were several new abilities that make use of the weather. {{a|Sand Rush}} and {{a|Sand Force}} both benefit a Pokémon during a sandstorm, while {{a|Overcoat}} negates the damage taken in a hailstorm and sandstorm. With the addition of Dream World, many old Pokémon now have access to weather related abilities. Most notability, {{a|Drought}} and {{a|Drizzle}}, previously available only to {{p|Groudon}} and {{p|Kyogre}}, are now available to more common Pokémon. Specifically, {{p|Vulpix}} and {{p|Ninetales}} now have access to {{a|Drought}}, while {{p|Politoed}} now has access to {{a|Drizzle}}.