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Electric (type)

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* In [[Generation III]], all Electric moves were [[Cool]] moves except for {{m|Charge}}.
* Generation V introduced the largest number of Electric-type Pokémon, a total of 11. Generation I introduced 9, Generation II introduced 8, Generation IV introduced 7 and Generation III introduced the fewest, only 4.
* The only type combination that is doubly weak to Electric-type attacks, {{2t|Water|Flying}}, has had at laestleast one Pokémon introduced every Generation: {{p|Gyarados}}, {{p|Mantine}}, {{p|Wingull}}, {{p|Pelipper}}, {{p|Mantyke}}, {{p|Ducklett}}, and {{p|Swanna}}. The same is true for the {{t|Grass}} and {{t|Flying}} types.
** The only combinations doubly weak to {{t|Psychic}} and {{t|Water}} also exist, but unlike the others there have not been one introduced in each generation.
* The three Pokémon that have had their types changed between [[generation]]s ({{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Magneton}}, and {{p|Rotom}}'s [[Form differences#Rotom|alternate forms]]) are all part Electric-type.