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Generation V

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Advances in gameplay: Added info that the Pokèmon Center and the Pokè Mart have merged
* The introduction of [[seasons]], which alternate every month.
* Expanded variance in camera placement, making the cities and towns of Unova more real and lifelike.
* The [[Pokémon Center]] and the [[Poké Mart]] are now in one building.
* Introduction of the [[Entralink]], which allows players to visit each other in-game, rather than just inside of the Union Room.
* The new [[Pokémon Global Link]], which allows players to connect their games to the internet to view statistics or download some changes to the games, such as the design of the [[Pokédex]]. This also grants players access to the [[Pokémon Dream World]], where players may befriend Pokémon and send them over to their games.