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The world of Pokemon is based on Japanese culture.
::In Unova, diversity is a theme. However, the developer keeps persistently putting the element of Japan.
::Skyarrow Bridge draws inspiration from the Brooklyn Bridge and {{wp|Rainbow Bridge}}(Tokyo).
::Entralink draws inspiration from the {{wp|Tokyo Imperial Palace}}.
:::: Someone was translating "Pokemon pia(Japanese magazine)". Is not "Nintendo Dream vol.204" translated? [[User:Sawamular101|Sawamular101]] 00:39, 12 April 2011 (UTC)
A original(Japanese) version is set to this.
1 Currency=Japanese yen.
2 Name of person=Japanese name(About 70%)
3 name of region and City/Town=Japanese name
The developer calls a Japanese version original, and says that the non-Japanese version is localize. [[]]
I think that Japan influences it in addition. This is my guess.
1 Castelia City(Compound of New York and Tokyo.)
2 Abundant Shrine (The Shinto shrine is set up.)
I do not think that the influence of Japan is small in an original(Japanese) version. [[User:Sawamular101|Sawamular101]] 00:09, 13 April 2011 (UTC)
== Scandinavia x2? ==