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A version of the character also appears in the [[Pocket Monsters DP]] manga.
Pearl is always in a hurry, and because of this, often crashes into other people or misses important details. He is incredibly determined and it is very difficult to discourage him; the only thing that has done this so far was his crushing loss to the [[Team GalaticGalactic]] [[Commander]], [[Jupiter]]. He is also quite the braggart, often boasting about his battling prowess or how cool his Pokémon are. Pearl ''does'' have a soft side however, as seen after the wild Starly attack.
Pearl is also one to take risks and quickly jump into action; it was this behavior that caused the player and himself to be attacked by [[wild Pokémon|wild]] {{P|Starly}}, setting off the chain reaction that would result in the player receiving his/her first Pokémon.
After becoming the [[Sinnoh]] [[League Champion]], the player can find him training at [[Stark Mountain]] during the week, and at the [[Fight Area]] on weekends, ready to battle. Unlike the player and [[Lucas (game)|Lucas]]/[[Dawn (game)|Dawn]], Pearl did not receive a Pokédex, due to him rushing out of [[Professor Rowan]]'s lab before Rowan could give him one.