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== Origin ==
Please look into these ideas and help me:
Snivy's decided snake of origin is listed as the Green Vine Snake which is native to the South and Central Americas.
Tepig's name sounds like Tapir which is a browsing mammal similar to a pig. There is a South American Tapir. Tepig's coloring is similar to the Asian Malayan Tapir, though I realize this may be coincidence as Asia is not in South America. ;)
Oshawott may be based on the Marine Otter if my theory is correct; not the Sea Otter. The Marine Otter is native to South American shores and is the most marine of all South American otter types. Its name also sounds ''an awful lot'' like "Ocelot" (native to South/Central Americas), which I found odd because it is obviously based on the otter. But Wikipedia states that the Marine Otter's colloquial nickname is "Gato Marino" which means "marine cat". Coincidence? I think Oshanott!
Just sayin'.
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