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:::::: I think Origin should just mention grass snakes (green kind mostly) instead of getting very technical with species, seeing as there is far too many snakes that Tsutaaja may be based on. And maybe that early tidbit of a very few snakes having legs could also be mentioned. And is it just me, or does the collar it has kinda makes it resemble an unripened banana? [[User:Mudkipchan|Mudkipchan]] 21:07, 14 May 2010 (UTC)
::::::: It looks to me as though Tsutaaja may have been based off of a skink of sort, however skinks are closer related to lisards than snakes. I also think because this is a Pokémon that the collaring may have just as likely come from the fact that it is a grass type species. [[User:EpicShadow|EpicShadow]] 9:12, 16 July 2010 (UTC)
I feel there is a strong South and Central Americas theme in the starter lineup for this generation, but I seem to be running into a lot of opposition to my findings. Each thing that I have added to the Origin and Name Origin sections to the 3 starters to support my theory has been undone not less than 20 minutes after adding it despite my efforts to keep it a neutral "possibility" instead of hard fact.
Please look into these ideas and help me:
Snivy's decided snake of origin is listed as the Green Vine Snake which is native to the South and Central Americas.
Tepig's name sounds like Tapir which is a browsing mammal similar to a pig. There is a South American Tapir. Tepig's coloring is similar to the Asian Malayan Tapir, though I realize this may be coincidence as Asia is not in South America. ;)
Oshawott may be based on the Marine Otter if my theory is correct; not the Sea Otter. The Marine Otter is native to South American shores and is the most marine of all South American otter types. Its name also sounds ''an awful lot'' like "Ocelot" (native to South/Central Americas), which I found odd because it is obviously based on the otter. But Wikipedia states that the Marine Otter's colloquial nickname is "Gato Marino" which means "marine cat". Coincidence? I think Oshanott!
Just sayin'.
== bad grammar in the Origin section ==