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'''DamionPearl''' (Japanese: '''ジュンパール''' ''Jun'') is one of the two [[rival]] characters in [[Pokémon Diamond and Pearl]], along with either [[Lucas (game)|Lucas]] or [[Dawn (game)|Dawn]].
The character [[Pearl (Special)|Pearl]] from the [[Pokémon Special |Pokémon Special]] manga is based off of Damionthis Pearl.
A version of the character also appears in the [[Pocket Monsters DP]] manga.
This listing is for DamionPearl's [[Pokémon]] in the video games in which he has appeared.
====Pokémon Diamond and Pearl====
* Level 50 {{p|Heracross}}
=Optional names for DamionPearl=
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* The song that plays when battling against DamionPearl is a remix of the "Neo Tokyo" theme from [[wp:Pulseman|Pulseman]]
* Strangely, among the default names for him in the Japanese version of [[Pokémon Diamond]] is Shigeru, one of the names that are default in both [[Pokémon Red]] and [[Pokémon FireRed]] for [[Blue (game)|Blue]]. Another point of similarity can perhaps be found in the fact that a relative of theirs is well-known in the Pokémon world, being [[Palmer|the leader]] of [[Battle Tower (Sinnoh)|Sinnoh's Battle Tower]] in DamionPearl's case, and being [[Professor Oak|a]] [[Pokémon professor]] in the case of Blue. Furthermore, both rivals are childhood acquaintances of the [[playable character|playable characters]] who go on to compete against them in collecting [[Gym]] badges, unlike [[Silver (game)|Silver]] and [[Wally]]. Finally, DamionPearl uses the {{p|Starly|Starly}} line, while Blue uses the {{p|Pidgey|Pidgey}} line; they both use {{p|Heracross|Heracross}} at some point in their respective games.
* All Japanese default names for DamionPearl come from game staff members' first names. They are all listed in the game's credits. Jun is from '''[[Jun'ichi Masuda]]''', production director and music composer. Shigeru is from '''Shigeru Ōmori''', game design leader. Kōji comes from '''Kōji Nishino''', a game designer. Toshinobu is from '''Toshinobu Matsumiya''', game scenario author. Hisashi is from '''Hisashi Sogabe''', battle system programmer. Sōsuke is from '''Sōsuke Tamada''', field system programmer. Akito is from '''Akito Mori''', communication system programmer and Nozomu is from '''Nozomu Saito''', also one of programmers.