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Thanks to Kogsie for pointing this out from a forums post
=====How do I become an admin?=====
First, by not asking to become one. Users are picked to be admins by the {{Bp|Editorial Board}} based on a user's knowledge of Bulbapedia's templates and style, and other points are just a few considerations for users to move up to the Junior Administrator level. To be considered for an admin position a user must have been active for at least six months and have made a large number of mainspace edits.
=====I can't edit anything on Bulbapedia, why?=====
Generally if a user cannot edit a page, there are some reasons behind it. One common reason is that the page is protected, which is done for a variety of reasons, such as the page being a high traffic page, or a dispute has taken place. The second reason might be that editing is locked to all users not of Junior Administrator rank or higher. Generally lockdowns are put in place during times where servers are stressed or large amounts of information are being released, which allows for specified users to work on adding the information.
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