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=====How do I become an admin?=====
First, by not asking to become one. Users are picked to be admins by the {{Bp|Editorial Board}} based on a user's knowledge of Bulbapedia's templates and style, and other points are just a few considerations for users to move up to the Junior Administrator level. To be considered for an admin position a user must have been active for at least six months and have made a large number of mainspace edits.
==Bulbagarden Archives related==
=====What are the Bulbagarden Archives?=====
Bulbagarden Archives is part of Bulbagarden that hosts images that are uploaded for usage on Bulbapedia and Bulbanews.
For questions about Bulbagarden Archives, see [[:a:Archives:FAQ|this page]].
=====Why do we use AniPNG instead of GIFs for animated sprites?=====
Archives uses png over gif for animated sprites because pngs have lower filesizes and are higher quality.
=====Why can't I move or delete files?=====
Moving and deleting files is restricted to Junior Admins and above. However, if a user wishes to let an admin know that a file needs to be deleted or moved, they can place the {{template|delete}} or {{template|move}} templates on the page.
For questions about Bulbagarden Archives, see [[:a:Archives:FAQ|this page]].
==Bulbanews related==
No. Stealing content from other sites is wrong and if stolen content is found, it will be deleted and the user who added it may face a short block.
=====Why do you romanize Pokémon like this when Serebii uses something different?=====
Bulbapedia and Serebii have their own different styles of romanization, and each create their romanizations independently.