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Charti Berry

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snum=47 |
name=Charti Berry |
image=Charti.png |
jname= |
tmname= |
size=1.1" |
firm=Very Soft |
desc4=It is often used for pickles because of its very dry flavor. It can also be eaten raw for its provocative taste. |
effect=Lowers effectiveness of a [[super effective]] {{type2|Rock}} [[move]]. |
nameor= [[wp:Pitanga|Pitanga]] |
treeimage= |
spicy= Yes |
dry=Strong |
sweet=No |
bitter=No |
sour=No |

The '''Charti Berry''' is a type of berry introduced in the [[Generation IV]] games.

*Receive from woman in [[Pastoria City]].

==Growth and harvest==

==Poffin cooking==

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