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The episode starts with {{Ash}} exiting the [[Pokémon Center]] and {{ashfr|his friends}} soon following after him. [[Max]] asks the name of the next town they are going to. {{an|May}} answers [[Fallarbor Town]], but Max consults his [[PokéNav]] and says the next gym is in [[Lavaridge Town]]. May and Ash momentarily argue on the next destination before Max, by means of checking a map on the PokéNav, comes to the conclusion that the two towns are close to each other. Thus, Max explains they could do both. {{an|Brock}} elaborates with the order, being Fallarbor Town, then Lavaridge.
[[Team Rocket]], while hungrily wandering, happens to find a field of watermelon and start to eat the watermelon, picking one each. {{MTR}} then notices what appears to be an unusually large watermelon before coming to the discovery that it is actually an {{p|Electrode}}. The watermelon-painted Electrode attackattacks Team Rocket, causing them to be blasted into the sky, and the three watermelons they were holding fall down below and are carried down the river.
Down the river, Ash and company have just eaten Brock’s lunch. Max notices something floating down the river, and Brock comes to the conclusion that they are watermelons. Brock procures a watermelon from the river and experimentally taps it before affirming that it is ‘ripe and sweet and juicy inside’. Ash takes the watermelon from Brock and commands Pikachu to use Iron Tail to slice it open. May differs, handing it back to Brock for him to slice it. The company then eats the watermelon, praising its sweetness.