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Sketch Glitch: new section
I found a glitch in [[Pokemon Yellow]]. The glitch works like the [[??????????]] glitch. Using a wild Pokemon modifier code for a Pokemon that doesn't exist, the next wild Pokemon encounter will be a Pokemon that looks like a larger version of [[Missingno]]. The game then freezes (doing no damage to the game itself) with vertical blue lines.
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== Sketch Glitch ==
From the fourth post down on here[]
"Ironically this is a variation of a glitch in the original G/S that was called at some sites as the "Ditto Quest"
This is how the Original worked
The way it works is you need two Pokemon games (G/S/C) and GBC's one cart will have the Ditto you want to learn the move(in the first position on your team) and you must be able to go the trainer's house in Viridian, the other will need a weaker Smeargle with one sketched "attack" move, and one or more "Sketch" move (in the first position on your team), you might want to stack this team with weaker opponents.
Do a Mystery Gift, then on the Ditto Cart go to the basement of the Trainer's House. The Team from the cart you just Mystery Gifted will be there, fight them. have Ditto transform into Smeargle, and wipe him out with the first move available DO NOT USE SKETCH until after you beat Smeargle, you may even want to use a Potion on Ditto after you defeat Smeargle, to give the next Pokemon a chance to use a move to sketch
Sketch as many times as available and you walk away with a Ditto who knows more than just Transform, these moves can than be bred into other Pokemon who could learn them naturally through breeding"
I have not verified if this glitch works or not, but if it does would it be classified as a major glitch as it gives Ditto moves it should not know and allows for pokemon who could learn them by breeding to do so with just a ditto or a minor glitch as it only affects Ditto outside of breeding.
[[User:Super goku|Super goku]] 23:09, 26 February 2011 (UTC)