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Feraligatr (HeartGold & SoulSilver 108)

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jtrans=Ordile |
image=FeraligatrHeartGoldSoulSilver108.jpg |
caption={{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} print<br>Illus. [[Kent Kanetsuna]] |
reprints=2 |
reprint1=FeraligatrHGSSPromo7.png |
recaption1={{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Black Star Promo}} print<br>Illus. [[Kent Kanetsuna]] |
species=Feraligatr |
evostage=Stage 2 |
class=Prime |
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Water|expansion={{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}}|rarity={{rar|SuperRare Holo}}|cardno=108/123|jpexpansion={{TCG|HeartGold Collection}}|jprarity={{rar|SuperRare Holo}}|jpcardno=025/070}}
{{PokémoncardInfobox/Expansion|type=Water|expansion={{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos}}|cardno=HGSS07}}
==Release information==
This card was reprinted as one of the {{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos}} with English-exclusive artwork by the same artist. It was released in February 2010 as one of three cards available in the [[File:FeraligatrHGSSPromo7.png|leftCollector Tins (TCG)#Spring 2010 Collector's Tins|180px|HGSSSpring Promotional2010 printCollector's Tins]].
This card was released as a promotional card, with new artwork by the same artist, as one of three reprints available in the [[Collector Tins (TCG)#Spring 2010 Collector's Tins|Spring 2010 Collector's Tins]].===Gallery===
{{TCGGallery |
type=Water |
image1=FeraligatrHeartGoldSoulSilver108.jpg |
caption1={{TCG|HeartGold & SoulSilver}} print |
image2=FeraligatrHGSSPromo7.png |
caption2={{TCG|HGSS Black Star Promos|HGSS Black Star Promo}} print |