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Dream Mist

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In the anime: Why the heck does this still say "Sanyou City"?
[[File:Dream Fraxure anime.png|thumb|200px|right|Dream Mist portraying a dream]]
[[File:Dream Mist anime.png|thumb|200px|left|Dream Mist in the anime]]
The Dream Mist appeared in the anime in ''[[BW006|Dreams by the Yard Full!]]'' where {{p|Musharna}} caused havoc making it reach places like [[SanyouStriaton City]], causing Pokémon to fall asleep. One was [[Iris's Axew]] which Fennel's {{p|Munna}} healed by inhaling it. Munna's floral pattern then turned pink and a puff of mist came out of Munna's nose revealing Axew's dream.
In the end Fennel was able to stop the Dream Mist.