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[[File:Colo Ferma.png|thumb|Ferma]]
'''Ferma''' (Japanese: '''スーラ''' ''Seurat'') is a [[Miror B.Peon]]. In [[Pokémon Colosseum]], she is never seen without [[Reath]], as the two always partner together. They are first seen in a cinema sequence, where they are with Miror B., who exits and leaves [[Miror B.'s Hideout|Pyrite Building]] in their guard. [[Wes]] arrives at the building and defeats Reath. Ferma is also defeated, and her shadowShadow Pokémon, {{p|Mantine}}, is also snagged. This saves [[Silva]], who was previously being held captive by the two women, from them.
They show up again in a jail cell in [[Pyrite Town]], resulting in [[Folly]] and [[Trudly]] moving to separate cells nearby. Once Wes gets the Jail Key, he can steal the Elevator Key from Reath, who is lying on the cell's bed, asleep.
Once Wes has beaten [[Evice]], all four prisoners escape. Reath and Ferma both flee to the room in [[Miror B.'s Hideout|Pyrite Cave]] where Miror B. wasis fought. They will battle with Wes and then remain there.
Their actual status as membermembers of [[Cipher]] is foggy,; they may not know the entire plan, justbut only what Miror B. toldtells them.