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Max is wandering through {{ci|Rustboro}}, wondering what he should tell May when he comes across a group of kids surrounding an inventor. The inventor starts to show off his wrestler shaped can opener, but when it eventually opens the can it sprays the contents into his face. The rest of the kids walk off, and the inventor asks Max what he is doing, and when Max tells him, says that he may not have to tell May anything at all, telling him about the [[Devon Corporation]]. Suddenly a limo pulls up nearby, and Kennedy jumps out and chases after the inventor, who has run off.
Back at the [[Pokémon Center]], Ash is showing off his badge to {{an|Professor Oak}} and telling him that {{AP|Pikachu}} has learned {{m|Iron Tail}}. The Professor congratulates them both before hanging up. At that point Brock arrives, saying that he is done with his shopping. May is lying on a bench nearby, with Brock guessing that she has shopped until she dropped. However, when thethey decide that they will miss the boat because Max isn't back yet, she races off to do more shopping before anyone can stop her.
Max approaches the Devon building, wondering at how big it is, and then runs up the steps towards it. Then [[Team Rocket]] walk up to the steps, and discuss their plan to steal everything and give it to {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}. Inside the building, the receptionist tells Max that they don't handle repairs. At that point, Officer Jenny walks up to the receptionist, before the inventor and Kennedy approach her. Max eavesdrops on their conversation from behind a pillar. Jenney tells them that there has been a plan to infiltrate the building, and they should double check security until they find out more. The inventor then looks around sneakily, before racing off to the pillar where Max is hiding, and surprising him from behind. He covers Max's mouth and he tells Max to follow him.