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I think it's safe to say it's Isis, but we should keep the trivia note.
'''Isis''' (Japanese: '''イシス''' ''IshisuIsis'') is a [[Pokémon Breeder]] that appeared in ''[[DP057|Bibarel Gnaws Best!]]''.
She takes care of a {{p|Bibarel}} for the {{an|Expert}}. She's been friends with it since she was a girl. The Expert is responsible for building the new bridge. She was appointed to look after Bibarel and organize the workers temporarily when the Expert is out. Bibarel stopped working immediately after the departure of the Expert. She was extremely depressed and blamed herself for not being able to gain the trust from a childhood friend. {{an|Brock}} tried to solve the situation by giving his specially designed Pokémon food, which will make Pokémon become energetic, to Bibarel but it went back to sleep at once after taking the food. This depressed Brock as well. Later, the boss constructor came with a building machine and requested to take the job. Bibarel became furious and tried his best to stop the constructor from building the bridge. The Expert came back and told the group that the bridge isn't planned well and would fall down easily. He brought the group with a new blueprint and explained that he was old to investigate about this. Isis realized that Bibarel is actually trying to protect the lives of people and became friends with Bibarel again.