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** Instead, the font and color of the title is similar to the Japanese title.
*In the {{pmin|Latin America}}n dub, when May teaches Manaphy how to talk, May speaks in Spanish and Manaphy repeats it in English. May seems to understand it anyway.
* {{ga|Brendan}} makes a cameo at the beginning of the movie, controlling a {{p|Swampert}}. This is most likely to keep in theme with the [[rival]]'s Pokémon having a type advantage over the main character's (in this case, [[May's BlazikenCombusken]]).
* At {{wp|Target Corporation|Target}} stores in the United States, a [[Movie 9 bonus CD|bonus CD]] was bundled with the DVD release of this movie.
* This movie was the first movie not to feature a {{type2|Psychic}} Pokémon.