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=====Can I use the talk pages to talk with my friends?=====
Talk pages are for users to discuss Bulbapedia related matersmatters with each other. You can talk to your friends who join Bulbapeda over on the forums.
==Template related==
=====What are templates?=====
Link templates are what Bulbapedia uses to link to pages quicker. More commonly used templates include {{template|bp}}, which links to the Bulbapedia namespace; {{template|m}}, which links to [[moves]]; {{template|adv}}, which links to characters ending with (Adventures); {{template|TCG}}, which links to pages ending with (TCG); {{template|p}}, which links to any Pokémon species ending with (Pokémon); {{template|a}}, which links to [[abilities]], and {{template|an}}, which link to articles ending with (anime).
=====How do I use templates=====
===Other sites===
=====Can I copy stuff from is a fansite who may or may not be reliable at times. Bulbapedia relies on announcements from sites such as or Nintendo before making articles or changing things. Stealing from is extremely frowned upon and content will be deleted if it comes from
=====Can I copy stuff from PokébeachPokéBeach?=====
As with, PokébeachPokéBeach is a fansite whose information may or may not be reliable. Content from PokéBeach will be removed.
=====Can I steal stuff from other sites?=====
=====Why do you romanize Pokémon like this when Serebii uses something different=====
Bulbapedia and Serebii have their own different styles of romanization, and each create their romanisationsromanizations independently.
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