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** A Pokédex which has not received a [[National Pokédex|National Mode]] upgrade will not display any information on Pokémon not usually found in its home region, even if those Pokémon have been caught.
** Similarly, {{Gary}}'s Pokédex failed to identify {{an|Mewtwo}} at the [[Viridian Gym]], displaying only static interference. This may be attributed to the mechanical battle armor Mewtwo was wearing at the time.
* All fivesix of Ash's Pokédexes have been red, as were the Pokédexes in the games prior to {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, while other characters have had other colors. May had a yellow one in Kanto, Paul has a dark blue Pokédex, Dawn has a pink Pokédex, [[Rhyanna]] has an ice blue Pokédex, [[Narissa]] has an orange Pokédex and [[Mamie]] has a lavender Pokédex.
* The Kanto regional Pokédex and the Sinnoh regional Pokédex ({{v2|Diamond and Pearl|s}}) have 151 members, the smallest of all regional Pokédexes. The largest regional Pokédex is the Johto regional Pokédex, with 256 members.
* The Pokédex models of [[Generation]]s {{gen|I}} and {{gen|II}} rounded the weights of all Pokémon to full pounds except for {{p|Gastly}} and {{p|Haunter}}, despite the Japanese games' use of tenths of kilograms since the start. From [[Generation III]] onward, all weights have been given to the nearest tenth of a pound.