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Obstacle Hop
===Obstacle Hop===
The Obstacle Hop is less common and is only run by a few Pokémon such as a {{p|Spearow}} in the [[Meadow Zone]], a {{p|Machamp}} in the [[Cavern Zone]], a {{p|Togekiss}} in the [[Granite Zone]], and eventually {{p|Mew}} at the end of main storyline. The minigame involves Pikachu jumping from different obstacles with the aim of reaching the opponent within a certain time limit. Falling is allowed, although time lost will not be restored and Pikachu is sent back to the first obstacle. In {{p|Machamp}}'s Obstacle Hop, Pikachu must also dodge boulders being thrown at him; and in {{p|Togekiss}}'s Obstacle Hop, Pikachu must avoid {{m|Air Slash}}.