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PokéPark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure

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Not really worth noting.
*Most Pokemon get angry or cry in the game. The way get angry or cry is by using Thunderbolt or dashing into them a couple of times. Sometimes, when a Pokemon get angry, they will use an attack on you.
* There appears to be a typo in the dialogue string ..."not so far away are your Empoleon?", prior to thawing the door to {{P|Empoleon}}'s Snow Slide with the help of {{p|Mamoswine}}'s charge attack, where it is presumable that "your" should have been replaced with "you" instead.
** A similar typo is found in the {{pmin|Germany|German}} version. When {{p|Munchlax}} thanks the player, ''"PokéPark"'' is misspelled as ''"ParkPoké"'' in the dialogue string.