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* While Misty and Jessie are trying to help a {{p|Voltorb}} caught in a {{p|Weepinbell}}'s mouth, Doctor Proctor tells Jessie that Voltorb can {{m|Selfdestruct|self-destruct}}, which she seems not to know. However, Jessie saw several Voltorb self-destruct when [[EP032|Ash battled Koga.]]
**Interestingly enough, in that episode, James was the only one of the three who knew what a Voltorb was, and when Meowth was holding a Voltorb up, he yelled to him "That's a Voltorb!" but in this episode, their positions are swapped. At the end of this episode, James manages to steal a Voltorb, apparently unaware that it will selfdestruct, and Jessie and Meowth panic when they see Voltorb, and Meowth says "That's a Voltorb!"
* While Jessie and James are with Arbok and a Raticate in the Hospital, James mistakenly calls the Raticate "Arbok" when he waves his hand dismissively at the Raticate and says "Arbok, beat it. Amscray."
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