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Mr. Fuji

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It is theorized that he may have been the inspiration for [[Dr. Fuji]] from [[Mewtwo Strikes Back]], due to their similar names and history in studying Mew. However, Dr. Fuji is consideribly younger than Mr. Fuji, leading to another theory that the senior Fuji is the junior Fuji's father. However, besides having the same surname and the aforementioned interest in Mew, there is nothing to back this up.
Mr. Fuji is also the ring name of heel wrestler [[wp:Harry Fujiwara|Harry Fujiwara]] and the nickname of Fuji musician [[wp:Sikiru Ayinde Barrister|Sikiru Ayinde Barrister]].
==Name origin==
Fuji is Japanese for [[wp:Wisteria|wisteria]], a genus of plants with purple flowers.